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InterBio’s silky wheat germ oil is 100% pure and organic. It is extracted from the wheat kernel by cold compression method, to prevent all the wheat’s most valuable vitamins and minerals from being harmed or changed, in order to get you all the benefits it withholds! Wheat germ oil is known to benefit the human body in many versatile ways, which is why it is a unique essential oil to have in your home at all times.

The many uses of wheat germ oil

Give your nervous system a boost

Wheat germ oil is composed of a fatty acid, Omega-3, which is essential to your nervous system. Many times, our nervous system is lacking Omega-3, and as a result starts developing diseases such as MS, which attacks the body’s nervous system and becomes very painful and harmful. Now, there are many medications that can stop these symptoms from developing too far, but it is still something that we should all be careful of.

Thankfully, there are also many all-natural ingredients that put an end to this, and wheat germ oil is at the top of the list. As stated earlier, it is very rich in Omega-3, which helps prevent MS, and also helps its symptoms. As well as Omega-3, wheat germ oil contains lots of vitamin B, which relieves stress and toxins from your nervous system. So, give your nervous system some love and begin using wheat germ oil!


Another wonderful aspect of pure wheat germ oil is its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. Due to its vitamin rich components, wheat germ oil neutralizes aging both inside and out, and refreshes your body all over. It is effective in replenishing the missing vitamins and minerals that speed up or cause age-related diseases; and also helps the outer signs of aging disperse and regenerate quickly.

Energy boost with wheat germ oil

If you like sports and going to the gym, wheat germ oil is definitely going to be your new ally. It is rich in a primary alcohol called octacosanol, which works wonders in your muscles. It will boost your muscle energy allowing you to go harder and longer, and when taken every day, will increase your overall muscle performance. Wheat germ oil is also a really good all-natural way to go, since it is easy to take, organic, and super beneficial.

Burn Fat and prevent fat storage

Since wheat germ oil is a super rich antioxidant, it actually helps your body get rid of unwanted fats in your body, and also fights to prevent it from coming back. Since it has so many vitamins and minerals, it also helps your body come back healthier than before. There are many ways to take wheat germ oil; some like to put in in their baked goods, others in smoothies, others take it straight-up in a dropper. Bellow, we have a fun suggestion on how to incorporate wheat germ oil into your diet, specifically for weight loss.

Sassy Water” fat burner

  • 1 Grapefruit, sliced (with peel)
  • 1 Lemon, sliced (with peel)
  • 1 Cucumber, sliced (with peel)
  • 1 Cup of pineapple, cut into pieces
  • A sprig of fresh mint leaves, chopped
  • 4-5 drops of wheat germ oil
  • Water 
  • A large pitcher

Fill your pitcher up with the sliced fruit, veg, and mint leaves. Top it all off with water. Put your sassy water into the fridge and let chill for 1 hour. Now you’re set to start burning fat immediately! (you can also re-fill your pitcher once or twice with water before dumping the fruits and veggies out and starting over).