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InterBio’s creamy 100% pure cocoa butter comes from organic cocoa beans. Extracted by separating the coarse, non-fatty particles of the beans from the buttery cocoa fats, this method allows all the beneficial oils and nutrients to be fully extracted and separated. Cocoa butter is a very playful and smooth oil to keep in your home, and has many versatile uses; from using it as an all-natural moisturizer, to using it as an alternative to dairy-derived butter in your food!  

The many uses of Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter has been around for many centuries, and has been present in many different cultures for many years. When cocoa butter started to spread throughout the world, people began to discover all the amazing benefits and uses it offered. Now, we know cocoa butter for being a lush moisturizer, a versatile base for creating all-natural lotions, an organic alternative in making medicines, and even a fun ingredient to add to food! These are the many uses for cocoa butter...

Soothing Moisturizer

Due to cocoa butter’s high-fat content, this natural oil can do wonders for your skin. Cocoa butter has a very low melting point, which aligns with your body’s natural temperature. This allows a seamless application to your skin; and also allows a very easy storage in your home, since it remains solid. Its moisturizing agents are super good for dry areas, chapped lips, cracked skin on the hands, even dry hair!

Burn relief

100% pure cocoa butter is well known for its minor burn-related pain relief as well as its quick-healing effects. When you get sunburned, for example, and you apply cocoa butter to the affected areas, you will not get the dry, flaky skin afterwards. Additionally, the skin under the sunburn will come up much more moisturized and nourished.

All-natural base

Organic cocoa butter serves as a perfect base for any DIY (do it yourself) lotions and potions. Alone, it has a mild chocolate fragrance, allowing you to add any other essential oils and natural ingredients to it to make salves, rubs, masks, etc. It is also really good as a base for lip balms and lipsticks, adding a moisturizing, smooth touch to your homemade products. Also, these days, social media is full of fun and easy recipes and ideas for making your own all-natural cosmetics yourself, and cocoa butter is always a good thing to have on your shelf when you make your own products. Feel free to experiment and have fun with it!

Cocoa butter for hair

Your hair, like the rest of your body, also needs some love and attention at times. When it comes to creating a healthy, hydrated look, you always want to keep your hair products 100% natural and pure. By creating your own hair products, you are minimizing the chances of damaging your hair, and you also have the liberty to add any natural ingredients, to suit your personal needs. You can use cocoa butter alone in your hair 2-3 times a week; or every-day in small doses for an all-day shine.

Pro tip: for a pre-shampoo pomade, mix about a tablespoon of cocoa butter, 2 tablespoons of natural aloe gel, 1 teaspoon of honey, and a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil (we recommend mandarin or citronella oils).

Here at InterBio we offer you 100% organic natural products. We work very watchfully with special manufacturers from around the globe to get the best ingredients; and specialize in 100% organic oils and butters. We want to give you the best and most lush products from around the world, since we know you deserve it.