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This 100% pure and organic Citronella Oil is made from Citronella grass, which mainly grows in some Asian countries and some islands of the South Pacific. It has a rich, crisp lemony aroma (hence the name Citronella), and has many different healing and medicinal properties.

The many uses of citronella oil

Citronella oil’s therapeutic and medicinal properties are antiseptic, antimicrobial and antifungal and many more. Citronella is one amongst those prized natural remedies for various reasons and has many different medicinal uses, for example: it helps fight depression, eliminates infections, relieves spasms, removes bad odor, eliminates toxins, reduces fever, etc.

Not only is citronella oil used for many different medicinal solutions, it is also a very multipurpose and useful essential oil to keep on-hand in your home, since it provides many different types of therapeutic and beauty related uses. From directly applying it to your skin, to making home-made candles with a delightful, crisp, lemony aroma; these are some of the many uses for citronella oil:

Acne and skin care

Citronella oil can help the process of healing dermatitis, slow skin aging, heal bug bites, heal scars and even treat some types of fungal infections on the skin. Citronella Oil enhances penetration of skin, which then speeds up the healing of wounds. It can also be very beneficial for remedying acne, getting rid of warts, treating boils and healing age spots.

Citronella oil also helps skin appear smoother and more youthful. It can even block damage done from sun exposure. By adding Citronella oil to your daily beauty regime, you will find dozens of useful ways to use this wonderful organic product to be beautiful and healthy!

Citronella Oil in Cosmetics

Also, if you enjoy making your own all-natural beauty products, such as conditioner and shampoo, lotions, natural deodorants, facial creams or more, it is highly recommended to use 100% natural essential oils, as opposed to pre-fabricated essences. Natural oils such as Citronella oil have so many healing and relaxing properties; they will always provide you with an extra boost of vitamins and minerals, smooth skin as well as a wonderful crisp smell.

Ways to apply citronella Oil

There are many ways to apply citronella oil: directly on to the skin using a cotton pad or your fingers (always using the essential oil in diluted form for topical application only), putting 3-5 drops into your bath for fresh and mood-enhancing effects, mixing it into other natural skin-care products (such as lotions or butters), using your aromatherapy diffuser to disperse it throughout your home to experience a wonderful fresh lemony aroma, or even applying it to your clothing as a naturally revitalizing alternative to perfume.


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