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The wonderful properties of Argan Oil

This 100% pure and organic Argan Oil is made from the kernels of the argan tree which are exclusive to Morocco. Argan oil is used worldwide because it is incredibly therapeutic. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin A and it’s packed with antioxidants and omega-6 fatty acids. Argan oil is used in almost all high-end anti-aging, hair and skin products. But it is not necessary to purchase luxury products; you can benefit from this amazing plant by just using 2 or 3 drops of 100% pure argan oil and applying to your hair or skin to receive nourishment all day.

The many uses of argan oil

Argan oil’s therapeutic and medicinal properties help reduce inflammation, acne and increase skin moisturization levels. Argan oils is one amongst those prized and most used natural oils for various reasons and has many different incredible uses.

Not only is argan oil used for many different therapeutic solutions, it is also a very multipurpose and useful essential oil to keep on-hand in your home, since it provides many different types of beneficial and beauty related uses. From directly applying it to your skin, to making your own 100% natural beauty products; these are some of the many uses oil:

Acne and skin care

Argan oil helps reduce inflammation caused by acne while helping to soothe damaged skin because of its high linoleic acid. It also helps to reduce rashes, infections and bug bites on the skin. Natural essential oils are a great alternative to chemical creams; not only are they expensive but in the long run they can cause more harm than good.

Argan oil can be a big help for preventing stretch marks by improving the elasticity of the skin. Razor bumps and burn treatment can also be soothed by organ oil, both for men shaving their beards and for women shaving their legs

All-natural beauty products

If you enjoy making your own all-natural beauty products, such as conditioner and shampoo, moisturizers, facial creams or more, it is highly recommended to use 100% natural argan oil because it is so rich with vitamins and minerals. Argan oil can be used in various all-natural beauty products, such as: overnight deep conditioning treatment, nail and cuticle treatment, foot treatment, skin toner and exfoliator.

Ways to apply organ Oil

There are many ways to apply organ oil: directly on to the skin using a cotton pad or your fingers (always using the essential oil in diluted form for topical application only), putting 2 drops In your hair for a deep nighttime conditioner, mixing it into other natural skin-care products (such as lotions or butters), using it for skin problems such as acne or stretchmarks, or even applying it to your clothing as a naturally revitalizing alternative to perfume.

Our products at Interbio

Here at InterBio we have been working to provide the outright best high-end essential oils for our customers. We always want to deliver you with the best service and natural products. We work very closely with distinct manufacturers around the globe to get the absolute finest ingredients for the best possible products. Why? Because we know you deserve it!