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Spirulina powder is the powdered version of the Arthrospira platensis, which is a blue-green algae that is found floating in lakes. It has a long history, and is now used as many things; the main use for spirulina is a dietary supplement. It is a must have when on a health cleanse, and is a super great whole food, since it is so packed with vitamins and minerals.

Fun fact: Spirulina was actually used by the Mayan civilization; they incorporated it into little cakes. Civilizations in Africa cultivated spirulina and drank it as a supplement. Ancient Japanese people also farmed spirulina, and one man is claimed to have lived on spirulina for 15 years!

Uses for Spirulina powder:

Show your tummy some care

Tests on the benefits of spirulina have shown that due to its wide variety of minerals and vitamins, it can actually promote the growth of healthy flora in your stomach. Your stomach contains different kinds of healthy bacteria, which actually helps digest and break down the food you eat. But, unfortunately, when you ingest things like anti-biotics, this also kills many of the probiotics in your stomach, leaving you with a lonely tum. To treat this, you can take spirulina as a supplement or an addition to, say, yogurt in order to start getting the “good guys” back on their feet.

Go all out during your workout

Spirulina powder is jam-packed with protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making spirulina the ideal workout partner! A couple of different studies have shown the benefits of taking spirulina powder before a workout; these include a boost in your endurance, more isometric muscle production, and increased strength after a period of time. You can take powdered spirulina in a number of ways; some take it in water, others take spirulina tablets, we prefer making it a fun add-on to our daily smoothies!

Balance cholesterol levels

There are two kinds of cholesterol in our bodies, one is good (HDL) and the other isn’t too good in high levels (LDL). We always want to keep HDL cholesterol higher than LDL cholesterol, since the latter is problematic when it rises past a certain point. The good news is that spirulina has showed to be a super good supplement to take when keeping cholesterol at its ideal levels, since it lowers LDL cholesterol, but actually keeps the HDL cholesterol in the right place (as it does not alter its levels). Many supplements that aren’t natural don’t have this effect, which makes this a win-win, since you will be keeping it natural and keeping your levels good!

Spirulina Powder in cosmetics

Since spirulina powder is so full of minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidants, it is actually a really good natural ingredient to keep on-hand when you like to make your own cosmetics. It is super good for your skin, and it is very gentle, making it a great option for all different skin types. There are a couple of ways to incorporate spirulina powder into your daily beauty routine like making scrubs, moisturizers, or face masks.

Here is a bonus recipe:

"Quick DIY Spirulina Face Mask"

Add 2 parts Spirulina powder to 1 part honey; add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, and mix well.

Apply on your face and let it sit for around 10 minutes, and rinse off. Your face will glow all day, and stay that way!