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Our delicious 100% pure macadamia oil comes from the Macadamia ternifolia nut, and is extracted using cold compression technology. When extracted using this method, the oils in the macadamia stay completely in-tact, and keep all of their nutrients. Macadamia oil is very rich in nutrients such as calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamins such as A, B1 and B2.  

The many uses of macadamia oil

Macadamia oil is a great oil to keep in your home because it can be used in many different things. These days, DIY (do it yourself) projects are very trendy, and macadamia oil has a great place in many of these. There are many ways to use macadamia oil in home-made cosmetics, beauty serums, moisturizers, food, and much more. Below are some of these uses and benefits:

Boost your energy

Many tree nuts are known to have a positive impact on your energy levels, and the macadamia is one of them. Since it has a very high caloric value, macadamia oil can boost your energy in a matter of minutes. If taken once or twice a day in moderate doses, it will give you all day energy. We do recommend being careful in how much and how often you consume macadamia oil, as it is high in calories and fats; and can lead to weight gain. But if you use it correctly it will be a great caffeine-free way of powering through your daily responsibilities!

Residue-free moisturizer

Pure macadamia oil is extra moisturizing, and is so easily absorbed by your skin that it doesn’t leave any shiny residue; just a healthy, smooth glow. It can be used on its own, or it can be made into a lotion or butter. It can also be mixed with other essential oils to give it that extra soothing effect. See below for a bonus recipe!

Macadamia oil in your food

Another super fun way to use macadamia nut oil is to use it as frying oil, like you would olive oil. It is super yummy and adds a great flavor to your foods. Once again, it is recommended to moderate your intake of this oil, as it can add extra calories to your dishes; but it is always a fun option to add to once-in-a-while fancy food (and sounds extra fancy when you mention it!).

Ways to apply macadamia oil

There are many ways to apply macadamia oil: directly on to your skin using a cotton ball or your fingers, putting 3-5 drops into your bath for relaxing and moisturizing effects, mixing it into other natural skin-care products (such as lotions or butters), creating a mixture of macadamia oil + your favorite essential oils + a natural butter of your choice to make a hair-mask,



Chamomile Macadamia Moisturizer

  • 1 tablespoon of InterBio macadamia oil
  • 1 cup of chamomile tea
  • 2 tablespoons of raw honey
  • 2-3 drops of another InterBio essential oil of your choice for fragrance

Bring the chamomile tea to a boil and set aside. After 2 minutes, add the raw honey and stir until melted. Next, all you need to do is add your macadamia oil and fragrance, and you’re done! Incorporate it into your daily moisturizing routine for a healthy, smooth glow that will last all day!