The Green Gold – The healing power of Tamanu Oil

The Green Gold – The healing power of Tamanu Oil

That's right Interbio are keeping themselves on top of the game. Offering the best Tamanu Oil they could get their hands on.

What is Tamanu Tree Oil?

InterBio have got their hands on Tamanu Oil due to its incredible healing properties. The evergreen huge Tamanu Tree. Which is also known as Alexandrian Laurel, Pannay Tree, Sweet Scented Calophyllum or Borneo Mahogan. Is known for growings it’s beautiful white flowers. Only later when the flowers turn into yellow-skinned nuts the oil can be developed. The Tamanu Tree can be found on the Melanesian islands as well as in tropical countries such as East Africa, India and Australia. The kernels have to be collected and left to cure to ensure maximum quality. A process Inter Bio ensures for its Tamanu Tree Oil. Finally the nut oil is extracted from the seeds. The Pacific Islanders have used many parts of the tree as natural remedies. In Africa and Asia, Tamanu Oil has been used in the traditional medicine directly on the skin. Often an infusion was made of the leaves to treat sores and rashes. Tamanu Oil still plays a vital role in the Polynesian culture. In their traditional medicine it was used to reduce swelling and arthritis. Only in 1918 French researchers studied the oil and its benefits. Tamanu Oil is rare as the conditions the tree needs to grow are not very common. Although still rather unknown in the West, Tamanu Oil is gaining in popularity and it generates a new wave of skincare products.

The Oil of the Tamanu Tree Benefits:

Tamanu Oil is mainly for skin

Interbio recommends that Tamanu Oil should be applied topically.

– Tamanu Oil has a incredible healing powers due to its ability to aid in the formation of new cells and therefore tissue. Tamanu Oil has a softening and soothing effect on dry skin and perfect for the winter months. Furthermore it has antibiotic, hypoallergenic and anti-inflammatory properties which can help to reduce swelling and rashes.

– Due to the anti-inflammatory calophyllolide, it relieves the effects of skin inflammation and insect bites as it can regenerate the skin

-It can reduce scarring and has anti-ageing properties as it nourishes and repairs cells. It’s the perfect anti-ageing oil!

– Tamanu Tree Oil contains Sc Glucan – a natural UV protection which can prevent DNA damage. Making Tamanu Oil for sun-like aloe vera with sun protection rather than just healing.

– Due to its healing benefits, Tamanu Oil helps to reduce acne. Tamanu Oil does not need to be diluted and your skin will absorb it without leaving an oily film as it consists of oleic acid which regulates the skin’s oil production. Its linoleic acid helps to moisturize and soften your skin.

– Tamanu Tree Oil helps to alleviate pain and therefore is used to relieve conditions like sciatica and rheumatism.


-It is used in Aromatherapy, due to its pleasant smell and health benefits. It treats stretch marks and other skin irritations. It can be used alone or mixed with other oils such as olive oil.

– Tamanu Tree Oil treats diabetic sores, sunburns, eczemas, age spots and blisters. It can also help with Nappy Rash, herpes sours, sport injuries, burns, ringworm and body odour.

Note: Interbio advises that Tamanu Oil should not be used if allergic to nuts. Despite it being for external use only.

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