Tea Tree Oil – The Ancient Wonder Oil

Tea Tree Oil – The Ancient Wonder Oil

InterBio is proud to present its top quality virgin Tea Tree Oil. A popular oil with a whole host of benefits.

Here is what you need to know about InterBio Tea Tree Oil

Melaleuca Oil, which is more often referred to as Tea Tree Oil, is famous for its natural antibacterial, antiseptic and balsamic properties. It originates from tea tree leaves of the Tea Tree. The leaves are steamed to allow the extraction of the oil. Tea Tree plants originate from Southeast Queensland and New South Wales. British explorer James Cook chose the name for the plant and oil in the 1770s on one of his voyages to Australia. Since ancient times it was used by the Aborigines as a disinfectant. The Aborigines crush the Tea Tree leaves and apply the oil on the skin. With Interbio we have top quality Tea Tree Oil available for you to get your hands on. Nowadays in Australia, it is found in almost every household, due to its healing property for skin damage. However, Tea Tree Oil has also gained in popularity around the world.

Interbio is always happy to give advice on all of their oils. Tea Tree Oil is recommended to be used for topical administration.

Tea Tree Oil


Tea Tree Oil Benefits


  • TeaTree Oil cures all three types of infectious organisms: virus, bacteria and fungus. Therefore it can fight many infectious diseases such as measles or chicken pox.
  • It is also an effective treatment for toenail fungus.
  • Basically, all minor wounds and irritations can be treated with TeaTree Oil. It is effective in fighting acne, oily skin, blisters, sunburns, abscesses, warts and reliefs the itchiness of insect bites.
  • Simply dab a cotton swab or a clean cloth into TeaTree Oil and apply it onto the affected areas. It would be best to apply the oil before going to bed. Simply wash the Tea Tree Oil off your face in the morning. Repeat it daily and soon you will notice a considerable change. If you have sensitive skin, dilute the Tea Tree Oil with a little water.

Tea Tree Oil for your Health:

  • It can even fight some antibiotic-resistant infections.
  • Studies have shown that Tea Tree Oil is also effective in healing common sore throats, runny noses and coughs. Even severe conditions such as asthma or tuberculosis can be treated with the amazing oil that is Melaleuca Oil.
  • Tea Tree Oil also stimulates. It boosts your immune system which is why it is often used in aromatherapy as it blends very well with other oils.

Tea Tree Oil for your Hair:

  • Nowadays shampoos and conditioners often contain TeaTree Oil and this has a very good reason: Tea Tree Oil comes to the rescue if you suffer from dandruff or hair loss. Apply a few diluted drops of Tea Tree Oil on your scalp. It also nourishes your hair and makes it healthy and shiny.

Tea Tree for your Household:

  • Laundry: Add a couple of drops of TeaTree Oil to the wash cycle of your washing machine and it will kill unwanted bacteria. Your laundry will smell fresh and clean.
  • The smell of Tea Tree Oil repels insects.
  • You can even create your own natural cleaner with TeaTree Oil. Combine two teaspoons of TeaTree Oil with water. Pour it into a spray bottle and there it is, your all-purpose cleaner.

Note: Interbio recommends Pregnant and breastfeeding women ask their doctor before they use Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is not for taking internally as it can cause serious side effects. Keep away from children and pets.

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