Essential Oils to Calm Anxiety

Essential Oils to Calm Anxiety

Many of us suffer from anxiety, and sometimes we feel like there will never be a way to treat it without the use of “downer” medicines or very strong relaxants. Luckily, if you are seeking a natural way to get rid of depressing feelings, and need something to help calm you down in those hard moments of high-stress and anxiety, essential oils can become your new best friend. If you keep them on-hand, you will be able to access them in those moments, and you’ll be up and going in no time. There are also different ways you can use them to get their benefits, and they are all simple and easy.

Lavender Oil

Essential Oils to Help You Relax

Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is all around the most calming essential oil. Everybody that has used lavender oil swears by its amazing calming and soothing properties. It is very easy to use and is always going to give you the results you are looking to get. Lavender oil, lavender tea, dried lavender sprigs, etc. all have those properties. Plus, you can use it in many different ways, such as putting it on your body, using it in massages, diffusing it throughout your space, using lavender oil on your sheets and pillows, putting it in your daily products like lotions, creams and butters, and many more.

Vanilla Oil:

Believe it or not, vanilla oil (not extract) has been found to contain a very powerful anti-depressant agent in it, and is said to be as potent as some of the medicines that are prescribed for this kind of ailment. Vanilla oil also smells very nice and warm, and that will also give you up-lifting results. Diffuse some vanilla oil in your room, and sit back and relax for a while; or dab some on your chest and on your temples if you need to go out and do anything. Take your anxiety relief with you wherever you go!

Grapefruit Oil:

This essential oil is great for times when you’re feeling anxious and don’t want to go out and go about your day... (Can you tell I’ve felt this way more than once?) Since the smell of a grapefruit is already so invigorating on its own, the essential oil is 10 times that. It will make you feel energized and revitalized as soon as you open the container it’s in. If you want to feel extra energized, mix it with lemon oil, and put them in your diffuser or oil burner for an extra pick-me-up.

Chamomile Oil:

When you’re feeling the need to just relax and let go of the outside world, let chamomile be your go-to essential oil. When you use it in your home or in/on your body you will instantly feel like you’re in your own little bubble. Your body will relax and you’ll feel calm. We all need some chamomile oil in our lives.

Patchouli oil benefits

Patchouli Oil:

Patchouli oil is simply an exciting oil. It helps with many things, from infections all the way to sexual impotence. But, somewhere on that spectrum lies it’s best use, and that’s its anxiety relieving aspect. Once absorbed by the skin, patchouli actually reaches the limbic system, which is the part of the brain that controls many of your emotions, etc. and relaxes it. It actually helps your brain control the anxious feelings, and keeps it from sending overwhelming feelings to your nervous system, etc.

Rose Oil:

This essential oil is great to have in your home if you suffer from anxiety or high levels of stress. The smell of rose oil is absolutely wonderful, and it works very well in all different kinds of spaces. Additionally, rose oil has actually been known to cause calming effects in people who have anxiety, are suffering from grief, or are living high-stress lives... You can soak in rose oil, you can dab it on your body, or you can use it in your diffuser or oil burner. You will love the effects rose oil has on your anxiety.

Mandarin Oil:

If you’re looking to feel energized and uplifted, but don’t want an essential oil that smells extra strong, then mandarin oil is the perfect oil to purchase and have on your shelves. It will give you a great boost of energy, while also putting your fluttering mind at ease. Stay calm and keep mandarin by your side for those hard moments.

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