Essential Oils in DIY Natural Beauty Products

Essential Oils in DIY Natural Beauty Products

Essential oils have a large variety of incredible uses and one of those uses, are DIY beauty products. All-natural essential oils are packed with vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that are super beneficial when used on the skin and hair. They are a must-have item when making all-natural DIY beauty products. Each essential oil has its own amazing use and beneficial properties, which means that the lists of uses for beauty products are endless. If you enjoy making your own all-natural beauty products or DIY projects, you need to add these essential oils to your list of must-have items.

A big benefit that comes from using essential oils is that they are completely natural, which means that applying them to the skin or hair will not cause any damage. On the complete contrary, they will actually improve your hair and skins health and appearance. We want to share with you the best ways of using essential oils in DIY beauty products. Take a look at these amazing ideas to use these all-natural essential oils and choose 1 or 10 that are perfect for you.  

4 Ways to use essential oils in home-made beauty products

Acne facewash

We all experience acne at some point in our life and it is not an easy stage to go through. It doesn’t matter if you are a teen or an adult, having acne is not fun. There are thousands of acne treatments that you can buy at your local grocery store, but if you look closely at the labels, they all contain harmful ingredients and chemicals that harm the skin instead of healing it. Standard store-bought acne treatments dry out your skin and in some cases could just make the acne worse by irritating the skin. If you have acne and you want an all-natural, chemical-free solution, try this acne face wash.

Washing face with essential oil

Instructions: Mix 2-3 drops of natural tea tree oil with 1-2 tablespoons of honey and rub gently in to face. After rubbing in these 2 ingredients well, rinse your face gently with water and dry off the skin. You can use this facewash as many times a day as desired.  

Note: Tea tree oil disinfects the skin and lessens inflammation because of its strong antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it more than perfect for an all-natural remedy for acne.

All natural perfume

We all love to smell fresh and wonderful, don't we? But what if you knew that the fragrance you are wearing right now may be damaging your body? It might sound completely crazy, but the grand majority of store-bought perfumes and colognes are not good for you at all. The majority of perfumes and colognes are not tested for safety and they can be made up of a whopping 3,000 ingredients. Many ingredients that are found in these good smelling products can cause allergies, migraines and even asthma symptoms. So, after reading this little bit of info, we hope you are now thinking of going all natural. Here's the way to do it.

Instructions: For women, Jasmin or Lavender Oil are the most recommended because they have a strong sweet and fresh smell that will last a long time on your skin. You can apply these sweet-smelling oils directly on the skin (wrists, neck, and chest), as many times a day as desired and they do not harm the skin in any way. For men’s cologne, Cypress and Clove oil are the most recommended for their fresh and strong smell that will last all day.

Deep hair conditioner

We all experience those bad hair days and they are not easy! The worst days are those where your hair is tangled you can’t even get a brush through it (or at least it happens to me!). If you are looking for an effective all-natural hair conditioner that will do the job and at the same time keep your hair moisturized and super healthy, this deep hair conditioner is perfect for you. The vitamins and fatty acids in the oils will keep your hair super healthy and also have it smelling fresh and sweet. It is also an incredible alternative to the normal store bought conditioners because it is all natural and it will not harm your hair with strong chemicals. Try this if you want soft and healthy hair.

Instructions: Add 15 drops of rosewood oil, 5 drops of sandalwood oil and lavender oil into a small plastic bag and mix well. After mixing, dunk bag into warm water to heat up oils. After it is warm, add this wonderful mixture to your hair and let sit for about 20 minutes. You can use this all-natural hair conditioner as many times a week or day as desired. For an extra bit of moisturizing power, add a quarter sized dialup of all natural unrefined coconut oil to your hair after your shower and leave in all night.

Dry or cracked feet cream

Dry/Cracked Heel Cream

Having dry or cracked feet is extremely uncomfortable and it is hard to find an effective and natural solution to this problem. Try this natural solution if you experience dry or cracked feet. It will bring moisture back to skin whilst also keeping it healthy with vitamins and strong fatty acids.

Instructions: This cream is to be used best at night. Mix 2 tablespoons of unrefined natural coconut oil with 3 drop of lavender oil and massage in to feet. After messaging feet with cream, put on socks and sleep with the natural solution, to get the strongest moisturizing and revitalizing results. Do this every night for more than 1 week and you will see amazing results.


Here at Interbio, we enjoy finding new and fun ideas to use essential oils and we want to share those awesome ideas with you! If you are an essential oil lover (like us) and want to find incredible ways of using essential oils, take a look at the blog section of our site and read more about awesome ways of using these incredible natural oils.

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