Essential Oils for Women's Health

Essential Oils for Women's Health

Maintaining a healthy balance is tricky sometimes, especially when our hormones are active, and our body begins to mature more and more over time. There is never a dull moment in a woman’s body! Of course, nothing can beat the beauty of living in our female bodies, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. But, when those imbalances come up, there are different paths we can take to get back on track: we can either go the all-natural way or go the pharmaceutical way.  Here, you can read about what to do for your body with essential oils, how they’ll benefit you, and how to use them properly.

When we go all-natural there are simply many more benefits for our bodies, compared to the pharmaceutical way. For one, we are safe from developing any harsh side-effects from strong medicine, and we are actually helping our bodies in more than one specific way, as opposed to when using a strong fabricated medicine. Of course, we should always visit our doctors/OBGYNs when we have doubts or any problems come up or if expecting a baby; and we should also mention it to them when we are thinking of going all-natural, that way we have full doctor-approved advice, and know what to do and what not to do depending on our bodies.

Most Common Treatments and Oils for Women

For women’s health specifically, there are so many benefits in using essential oils and natural remedies. Menstrual issues, aches and pains, nausea, minor hormonal issues, fatigue, etc. can all be balanced out using essential oils! Below you’ll find some valuable and fun information on how to benefit your body with essential oils and how to use them!

Clary Sage Oil:

Clary sage is a very well-rounded essential oil, especially when applied towards women’s health. It is well known in the natural communities for balancing out hormones and keeping them nice and steady throughout rough patches. Clary sage is also reported to aid in a heat-flash, calm the body during painful menstrual cycles, and control inflammation of the ovaries/cervix. For relieving menstrual pain mix 5-7 drops of clary sage oil into 5-7 drops of a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil, then massage it into your abdomen/lower back areas. To treat hormonal imbalances take internally, add 1 drop of clary sage to you drink (water, smoothie, juice, etc.) and take with your meals.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot Oil:

Bergamot oil is an awesome essential oil to have on-hand, since it helps with many things, not just women’s health. But, when applied towards women’s health, it works wonders! The primary use for bergamot oil is for relieving and easing any yeast-related issues. Many times, due to a variety of times, women can experience yeast issues, and it becomes quite uncomfortable. The best thing to do when working with issues directly “down there” is to use all-natural remedies that are diluted and gentle. To use bergamot oil in this circumstance, we recommend mixing 3 drops of lavender oil, 3 drops of tea tree oil, and 2 drops of bergamot oil into a tablespoon of unrefined coconut oil. Put the mixture into the fridge until it cools down a bit. Then, with extra clean hands, rub mixture into your affected areas and leave it on. You can do this at night and go to sleep after applying. REMEMBER to always test oils on your skin before putting them “down there”, since you may have very sensitive skin. Be careful, be cautious, and attack the yeast as soon as you can! Good luck!

Marjoram Oil:

Marjoram mainly helps with fatigue and low and behold, it helps with those pesky headaches we are all pretty familiar with! Since marjoram oil also helps calm your system, it will help with any other pains and fatigues related to your menstrual cycle. But, to take it as a headache eraser, you can apply it topically on the back of your neck or your temples or the back of your ears. This will help it into your system in no time, and you’ll be feeling better in just moments!

Ginger Root Oil:

Ginger root oil is another great essential oil to keep around for those hard-times we all have. Ginger root encourages circulation, stimulates your body, helps with your digestion, but best of all it helps with nausea. A couple of drops of ginger root oil on a cloth (inhale it deeply and it will help you right away) or in some water will do wonders. It will aid you throughout the day when the going get rough, and it will give you a boost of energy too! Ginger root tea is also great for menstrual and hormonal ailments.

Rose Oil:

If you are feeling down and you don’t have much energy or much enthusiasm to go out and do much of anything, (we’ve all been there!) rose oil will give you that necessary pick-me-up and enhance your mood as soon as you smell it. It will lift your mood and cheer you up in a heartbeat. Also, it is a great aphrodisiac and will be a great way to keep things steamy in those intimate moments. The best way to apply rose oil is on the skin and/or on your clothes. You can also use it in a diffuser or oil burner for a mood-setting effect. (Pair that with some nice candlelight and a soft tune, and you’ve got yourself a little piece of heaven on earth!)

Lavendar oil benefits


Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is well known for its calming effects, and thus people use it mainly for that. So, when fatigue or heat-flashes keep you up tossing and turning at night, try using some lavender oil on your pillow, on your sheets, in your room with a diffuser, or on your chest or feet before you go to bed. You’ll find that the high quality lavender smells super nice and serenades you all the way into deep sleep. You can’t go wrong with lavender oil!

Chamomile Oil:

Sometimes, when our hormones are acting up we can get puffy in places that aren’t normally that way. Of course, this is normal; but it is actually avoidable! To help with any puffy and inflamed areas (around your face, around your tummy, around your hands, etc.), apply some chamomile oil mixed with a little bit of coconut oil, and massage it into the affected areas. You’ll find that you’re relieved of the puffiness in just a few moments, and you’ll be glad you tried chamomile oil for sure!

Geranium Oil:

We love geranium oil for a number of reasons, and this is one of them: geranium oil is known to relieve stress and anxiety! Sometimes, we can feel stressed out of anxious out of nowhere due to our hormones acting up, and causing these kinds of feelings (although most of the time it is due to real life situations or issues, and not just because of what men call “women problems”...). Anyway, no matter what is causing the stress and anxiety, you can always turn to geranium oil for a bit of help. As soon as you inhale the pretty-smelling oil you will begin to feel more calm, and much more relaxed and at ease. Roll it onto your wrists or onto your temples. You’ll feel nice and you’ll smell nice!

Essential oils for women

Now that you know that you can go the all-natural route when tackling these kinds of ailments, you can confidently begin your march towards feeling like the star you are. Contact us if you’d like any additional information. We’d love to hear from you! And stay tuned with our blogs so that you can stay up to date on all the most exciting ways to use essential oils in your every day life. Now, put some essential oils on, get your dancing shoes ready, and shine all day!

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