Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Essential Oils for Weight Loss

If you are on the path towards losing some extra weight, or trying to stay fit and keeping the extra fat off your body, going the all-natural way is the most recommended. Why? Because sometimes we can hurt our bodies with harsh chemical medicines and supplements while actually trying to nourish it and keep it healthy. See our great blog “Why Going All-Natural is the Way to Go” for additional insight on this topic.

For an all-natural way to get rid of extra weight, essential oils will be your faithful sidekicks. They are jam-packed with so many nutrients and vitamins that your body will almost immediately begin to lose weight the healthy way. No longer are you depriving your body of nutrients while on strict diets, or saying no to foods that actually help you. With essential oils you are giving your body the nutrients that it wants, thus allowing it to shed the extra weight it thinks it needs.

Detoxing is also a very important step of weight loss, since you want to rid your body of any harmful substances that may be causing you to hold onto the extra weight. Also, you want to “purge” your body of extra sugars, extra carbs, extra sodium, extra fats, etc. in order to begin to replenish those things in a balanced, healthy way. Consuming essential oils high in anti-oxidants and pro-digestive agents will give you the upper hand against those extra kilos.

6 Best Essential Oils for Weight Loss

Below you will read about 6 of the best essential oils to keep on-hand while losing weight, and some tips on how to use them:

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon Oil: Lemon oil is always at the top of our list for its potent anti-oxidant agents. Most citrus oils are actually high in anti-oxidants, and all help to detox your body. Due to its highly acidic composition, it also helps to burn off extra fat around your belly, arms, and legs. When consuming lemon oil, we recommend taking around 4 drops, 2 times a day. Continue this for 10 days and take a 2-day break, and continue use again for 10 days in a row. This is preventing any unwanted results since lemon oil is quite strong.

Peppermint Oil: Peppermint oil is a super fun and invigorating essential oil to use on your weight loss journey, since it will always give you a little perk. It is full of anti-inflammatory agents and will help with any bloating or uncomfortable feelings in your tum. It is also known to cleanse your lymphatic system, really allowing a full detox to happen. Peppermint also helps with cravings, helping you along this path, and making a little bit easier. Giving your whole body a good cleanse will really allow it to come back stronger and healthier.

Geranium Oil: If you are a new mom, or a peri-menopausal/ menopausal woman, you might find it a bit harder to lose weight. A bit of extra weight is totally fine, but we all want to feel as good as possible. So, when it comes to losing the harder-to-lose weight, we recommend using geranium oil. It is a highly effective essential oil to use, and can be used topically or internally. If rubbed on the troubled areas, it will begin to stimulate the fatty tissues and help them disperse more easily when you exercise. When taken internally you will find the same results, and it will give you a little boost of energy since it is going to begin to burn the fat right away, thus giving you more energy to burn!

Cinnamon Oil: Cinnamon oil is a special essential oil, since it has been proven over and over again to regulate and control glucose levels in your blood. This is super important when losing weight since it will rid you of extra sugars in your body and stop you from craving sugary foods and drinks. It is a must when on a diet and it will always give you good, healthy results.

Grapefruit essential oil

Grapefruit Oil: Much like peppermint oil, grapefruit oil cleanses the lymphatic system when applied topically, and is known to be a great detox oil. But, different than most essential oils, grapefruit oil is a powerful diuretic (hence why it is usually an ingredient in cellulite and fat-burning creams and serums). So, all around, grapefruit oil is a super weight loss sidekick and should become your go-to when looking for these kinds of results. Dilute it in your water for a fancy all-day remedy!

Ginger Oil: Unfortunately, when we don’t eat the best food, and we eat foods with a lot of harmful substances or excesses of white flours, etc. we are causing our body damage that we can see in our weight levels. These problems are usually caused in the intestines; they become inflamed and irritated and make you appear more bloated and make you pile on fat. Ginger oil has very powerful anti-inflammatory agents that will help subdue the inflammation and also soothe your intestines so they become less irritated. If you stay off the bad foods and eat healthier you will see these symptoms go all-together. But, if you do have severe pans and/or severe bloating, we always recommend you speak to your doctor.


We want you to become the best version of yourself possible, and we want you to feel new and regenerated. Keep up the hard work, and we’ll be here to supply you with all the oils you need. Contact us and let us know how it went for you. We’d love to hear from you! InterBio’s teams wish you good luck!!

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