Carrier Oils: A simple Guide

Carrier Oils: A simple Guide

Carrier oils are a must when you have essential oils and use them often. They serve the purpose of diluting strong essential oils, and depending on which one you use, they offer you different rates of absorption. There are many carrier oils to use and there are many ways to pick and choose which carrier oil you are going to use. Here you will see a simple and easy guide to finding the perfect carrier oil for your skin type and purpose. InterBio also offers a variety of high-grade, pure carrier oils, so please take a look at our assortment! Contact us if you have any questions or comments; we would love to hear from you!

Different carrier oils will benefit different skin types, and will help balance your skin out. Since different skin types absorb oils differently and respond differently to them. So, depending on your skin type, you will want to use the right carrier oil to be able to fully absorb it. Here are the categories:

Skin Types

Best Carrier Oils for different skin types

Normal Skin:

  • Coconut oil: will help with toning the skin and keeping it balanced. It also hydrates and keeps your skin looking beautiful. Combine these benefits with an essential oil (or a blend) and you have the perfect sidekick.
  • Grape seed oil: will help your skin absorb the essential oil you have, while also making your skin look radiant. It also helps fight early signs of aging and does well with slowing these down. Additionally, it is one of the carrier oils that absorb into the skin the quickest, so it is great for on-the-go aromatherapy!
  • Sweet Almond: this carrier oil is very good to keep on-hand, since it is very gentle, absorbs quickly into the skin, and also nurtures your skin with a wonderful blend of fatty acids and vitamins. It will be the perfect carrier for oils such as lavender, ylang ylang and vanilla.

Oily Skin:

  • Apricot kernel oil: this carrier oil is great for oily skin because it doesn’t clog your pores, and it is quickly absorbed into your system, taking any essential oils in with it. It works very well with citrus oils.
  • Jojoba oil: jojoba oil as a carrier is great because of its versatility and its beneficial components. It adds a really good base and texture to your blends, and is super good for relaxing times, since it enters the system at an average rate, giving you prolonged benefits as it makes its way into your body.
  • Sweet almond oil: This is also a wonderful carrier oil to have on-hand when blending your favorite essential oils. It works great with oily skin due to its content of fatty acids and minerals. It helps level things out while also transporting the essential oils into your body.

 Dry Skin:

  • Avocado Oil: thanks to this carrier oil’s slow absorption rate, it is a great option for dry skin. It will stay on the skin and absorb slowly, while nurturing, hydrating, and balancing your skin out. It always mixes well with oils such as carrot seed oil, oregano oil, and strawberry oil.
  • Olive oil: this nutritious, rich carrier iol is a great partner when combating symptoms of dry skin. It will coat you skin and give it the silky smooth effects you are looking for in a carrier oil. High grade olive oil will never let you down.
  • Cocoa butter: this is a wonderful carrier oil (or butter) for this skin type, as it is very soft, very lush, and super hydrating. It is actually what is categorized as a “brittle” oil, since it is quite hard when it is at lower temperatures. The good part about using cocoa butter as a carrier oil is that you’ll get an extra-soft finish on your skin when you use it and you’ll see hydrating results in no time.

Sensitive Skin:

  • Sesame seed oil: for sensitive skin, sesame seed oil will do wonders! It is soft, it is easily absorbed by the skin, and will also mix very well with your essential oil blend of choice.
  • Almond oil: almond oil appears here on the “sensitive skin” list again since it is a truly gentle oil. It will help any blend of oils go into your skin, while helping you avoid irritation; and will make a perfect moisturizer as well. We recommend almond oil very much!
  • Jojoba oil: this is also a great carrier oil if you have sensitive skin. Much like almond oil, it will allow the benefits of the essential oils you wish to apply into your system without any irritation. It is also a very light carrier oil, making it very handy for highly visible places like your face.

Mature Skin:

  • Rosehip oil: if you are in need of a carrier oil that is gentle, beneficial, and quickly absorbed, this is it. Rosehip oil also benefits mature skin all on its own, invigorating and tightening the skin. We recommend using it with lavender, ylang ylang, or wheat germ oil.
  • Evening primrose oil: this carrier oil is such a lush carrier oil! It will help any essential oils into your skin in moments and will also make your skin feel fresh. It has a beautiful scent, making it ideal for mixing with other floral and citrus essential oils.
  • Argan oil: on its own or mixed with a blend of essential oils, argan oil is always great. It firms, it tightens, it promotes circulation... It is all around one of the best carrier oils out there; and it benefits mature skin the most!

Now you know some information about what carrier oils to use for your skin type, and why they benefit you! InterBio wants you to have the best experience possible, so we offer you 100% pure, high-grade, organic essential oils and butters. We love to satisfy our customers by giving them the best products available on the market! We also have many other blogs about essential oils, how to use them, etc. so please check them out! Contact us if you’d like any more information about your skin type, what essential oils to use, risks and precautions, etc. We are here to make you happy! Thank you for your preference!

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