Best Essential Oils for Acne

Best Essential Oils for Acne

Acne is a big problem and it affects a large percentage of the population. A test in 2015 showed that acne affected 633 million people in the world at the time. The majority of people who experience this problem are adolescents and the major cause is hormonal increase. Adults can also have acne due to genetics, diet choice or hormonal balances (in women). It is a painful skin disease and it is very hard to combat or get rid of. This condition can also leave scarring and in some cases cause anxiety or depression.

There are hundreds of solutions, creams and medications to combat this skin condition but the majority of them cause more damage to the skin and does not efficiently combat the acne itself. A large percentage of these solutions for acne contain harmful chemicals and substances that can dry the skin, make the acne infection worse, cause earlier skin aging and other harsh consequences. The smartest way to get rid of this painful skin problem is with a natural solution. Natural solutions for your skin are much better because they do not contain any harmful chemicals or substances and in some cases they will do even better than store-bought medications and solutions.  

Why you should use essential oils for acne

If you don’t already have essential oils in your home, you should. They have an incredible list of uses and they are also a must-have item if you like all natural products in your home. One of those incredible uses is to combat acne. Essential oils are completely natural, organic and will not cause any damage or harm to your skin. Essential oils are actually incredibly good for your skin because they contain vitamins, minerals and fatty acids that improve overall skin health and appearance greatly.

Essential oils can be used on the skin daily as many times as desired and will not dry out the skin. Each essential oil has its own amazing benefits and there are some essential oils that are more than perfect for combating acne in an all-natural way. So, if you have had, have or know someone who has this painful skin problem, think about trying out this effective, efficient and natural solution.  Take a look at this list of essential oils that will help you say goodbye to this painful skin condition.

4 essential oils that are perfect for acne

1. Tea Tree Oil

One of the most effective essential oils when it comes to completely curing skin conditions such as acne is tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has incredibly strong antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that keep the skin clean, healthy and smooth, while also stopping the infection that causes the acne. If you are looking for an all-natural solution for your acne, you really need to try out this natural oil. It reduces the number of lesion (or pimples) and it will act like a disinfectant for the skin. It is recommended to use this oil topically directly on the affected areas for best results.

Tip: You can apply this oil topically, by putting 2 or 3 drops on a cotton swab and rubbing on to most affected areas. You can leave the oil on as much as desired or wash off with water after 10-15 minutes. You can also add a small amount of water to a spray bottle and mix with 3-4 drops of tea tree oil and then spray on the face or body. Both of these methods are very effective and they are recommended to be used once a day for a long period of time.

2. Lavender Oil

One of the main causes of acne except from hormones is stress. Lavender Oil has been proven to be calming and relaxing when inhaled or even used topically. Apart from giving you a calming and stress-free feeling, it also fights and cures acne. Lavender oil like tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which help to constrain the bacteria that cause the infection and reduce the signs of scarring after the lesions or pimples have begun healing. It also moisturizes the skin and reduces the appearance of scars of dark spots that are caused by acne.

So, as you can see, lavender oil is the whole non-acne package. It keeps your skin clean, moisturized, reduces the appearance of scars and also combats the acne itself all at once. Not to mention that lavender oil has an incredibly fresh and sweet smell, which means you can wear this oil throughout the whole day, fight your acne and smell wonderful, all at once. Lavender oil is a great choice for anyone who has dry skin or old scarring and still wants to use something that will help with their acne.  Try this amazing natural remedy!

Tip: Just like tea tree oil, you can apply lavender oil topically to fight acne bacteria by putting 2-3 drops of oil on a cotton swab and messaging in to affected spots. You can leave in as much as desired or wash off with water after 10-15 minutes. You can also use lavender oil to relax and feel stress free (stress causes acne). To use lavender oil this way, apply to wrists, back of neck or temples and smell the wonderful aroma all day.

Clove Leaf Oil

3. Clove Leaf Oil

Clove leaf oil is packed with antiseptic properties and like lavender and tea tree oil, it also has strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which make it yet perfect oil to fight acne. This oil will completely kill all the bacteria in and out of the acne, which will make them, disappear faster and more efficiently. It also kills and eliminates the bacteria and substances that cause inflammation. This super strong clove leaf oil is more than perfect for anyone who is looking for an efficient, effective and all natural solution to acne. This oil will combat the infection that causes the acne and also keep your skin super healthy.

Tip: Just like the other two oils on this list, clove leaf oil can be used topically to fight acne directly. Clove leaf oil is also perfect for people with super oily skin who get cysts or boils. It’s a solution for almost all types of skin related infections which include all types of pimples. It is super strong oil which gives super goof and strong results. This oil is actually incredibly strong when it comes to disinfecting the skin and the acne, so please ask your doctor if this oil is right and safe for your skin before using it.

4. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil if perfect for healing acne aftermath or scarring left on the skin. I you have or have had acne and have scars on your face and skin, try out this oil. This oil naturally heals and soothes wounds and scars and also provides relief from dry or irritated skin. So, this oil is more like a gift you give your skin after having to go through the whole acne process. It packed with vitamin and fatty acids that will give your skin that extra boost to look fresh and new. It will heal old scars and calm the irritated parts of the skin that have been damaged by acne. This oil is also a natural must-have item if you're trying to get rid of acne all together.

Tip: You can add this oil topically by adding 10 drops to 1 ounce of carrier oil. Apply to damp clean skin and let it soak in to skin. You can leave on as much as desired or wash off with warm water after 10-15 minutes. This oil is safe to use on sensitive or dry skin types, so don’t worry about it irritating your skin.

Why natural remedies are better

There are literally hundreds of acne medication and remedies sold now a days and the grand majority of them are packed with all different types of harmful chemicals and substances. If you go down the aisle of your local grocery store and look at acne medications label, you will see a concoction of chemicals that have crazy long names and ones you’ve probably never heard of. The smartest thing is to stay away from products that have ingredient that you can’t even pronounce or that you don’t know what they are. A lot of these chemicals and ingredients used in acne medication are more harmful for the skin then beneficial and when you’re trying to combat acne, the last thing you want is to harm your skin more than it already is.

Natural Remedy InterBio

 There is a long list of reason why natural remedies are better, but the most simple and obvious one is that you’re using a remedy that does not harm your skin in any way. It is chemical free and it actually improves the skin and keeps it healthy. Another great benefit of using natural remedies is that they are actually a lot less expensive! All natural remedies are usually made locally or close-by, which mean they are less expensive to ship and make. For a remedy such as essential oils, they become cheaper because a little goes a long way with these strong oils. One bottle of essential oils can last you up to a couple of months depending on how you use them and the results are amazing!

Going natural is the way to go, especially when trying to combat something as hard as acne. We know how difficult and frustrating it is to have this painful skin condition and we want to suggest the absolute best natural remedies possible. We hope that you give some of the above oils a try and see if they work for you. We want to have you looking and feeling beautiful with these all-natural oil!


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