Argan Oil- The superweapon for a healthy appearance!

Argan Oil- The superweapon for a healthy appearance!

Argan Oil has been introduced globally because of its great health properties. Now the Western world has re-discovered the life-changing benefits of Argan Oil. Often we forget how much our skin is exposed to the pollution and stress of our modern Western environment. Argan Oil can make a massive difference to your daily skin and hair regime. The advantages of the oil from the Argan Tree has been known for thousands of years. The Moroccan Berber community refers to the Argan Tree as the ‘Tree of Life’ as it provides them not only with the precious Argan Tree Oil. The Argan Tree is an all-rounder and has supported livestock and humans in their fight for survival in harsh environments for centuries. The leaves and fruits of the tree feed camels and the nut shells have been used for fuel.
How does the fruit of the Argan Tree look like? The fruit can be round, conical or oval and is rather small.

Argan Oil for skin

The Berber folk medicine men have been using this Inter Bio Oil to treat skin conditions and heart diseases for centuries. To produce only one liter of Argan Oil, Berber women had to spend over 12 hours processing the seeds by hand. Nowadays only partly different techniques are used to extract to Oil from the seeds. Depending on the extraction method, 30% up to 50% of the oil in the kernels can be extracted. Firstly the fruits have to be dried in order to remove the flesh, however, nowadays many Argan Oil producers remove the flesh with machines and the drying process is no longer required. What follows is the cracking of the nut. There have been many attempts to use machines for this process; however, none of these have been successful. Therefore, this process is still done by hand. Then the Argan Oil can be extracted. However, for culinary Argan Tree Oil, the kernels need to be roasted.
It is a fascinating fact that Argan Trees can survive the harsh Moroccan weathers for over 200 up to 450 years and the tree does not require cultivation. The trees only start producing fruits when they are over 30 years old- which is why Argan Oil is so precious. Furthermore, the Argan Tree survives drought and extreme high temperatures of over 50 degrees. The roots of the ‘Tree of Life’ can be up to 30 meters long.
Now Argan Oil can be found in many products such as creams, shampoos and conditioners in nearly every supermarket. Be aware that the quality and quantity of the Argan Oil in most of these products is very low. Argan Oil is rare and special!

Argan is the Best Oil for Hair

A couple of drops condition your hair. It makes it beautifully smooth and silky. You get best results when you rup a few drops of oil into your hands and then massage it into the ends of your hair. When you suffer under frizzy hair, you can transform it with Argan Oil. Your hair will be nourished and it gets a healthy shine- a wonderful natural frizz ease product. Not only this but it also helps to keep your scalp moisturized during dry summers and cold winters.
What makes this Inter Bio Oil so special are the plant sterols which can’t be found in other oils. These Sterols penetrate the pores of your hair. Therewith moisture is locked in but don’t be afraid: Your hair won’t look greasy but soft and shiny. Besides, Argan Oil contains Omega 9 as well as fatty acids which are all great for your hair.
All in all, Argan Oil is the perfect Hair Conditioner!


Argan is a Great Oil for Skin

One wonders why Argain Oil is so great for your skin. Well, Argan Oil is perfect for your skin conditions as it has extreme high levels of Vitamin E as well as fatty acids and Sterolins which promote your skin nourishment. Because of these substances, Argans Fruit Oil is also an effective Anti-Aging product. It helps to reduce wrinkles and it has a high Vitamin E content.

Get Bio Argan Oil Today

Argan Oil protects your skin whilst also fighting the signs of ageing. Only a few drops of Argan Oil are needed to moisturize and nourish your skin. Your skin will be beautifully soft! Luckily Argan Oil balances your skin’s oil production. Therefore you can apply the oil straight onto your skin. No mixing or careful application is needed.
Some Argan oil is also great for unhealthy skin. It helps to ease eczema and the symptoms of psoriasis. But also chicken pox can be treated with Argan Oil. Triterpenoids are active substances in the Oil from the Argan Tree which aid to heal scars and reduce inflammation.
It is also a useful Oil in the fight against stretch marks after pregnancy. Only two to three drops of Argan Oil are needed. Massage them into the affected areas.
Interbio Argan Oil for a baby and me: It is good to know that this Inter Bio Oil is also great for your baby’s skin!
Argan Oil also has disinfectant properties which is why it is so great for Acne-prone skin. If you suffer under Acne, use Argan Oil to fight oily skin and acne breakouts. Argan Oil naturally fights unhealthy skin. No harsh chemicals and other often toxic ingredients are needed. Argan Oil is a natural healer!
Only a few drops of Argan will make your hands soft, your fingernails stronger and, when applied onto your lips, make them soft and moisturized. The rich nourishment is especially perfect for the winter months!
It hydrates, it is natural and even perfect for sensitive skin. A bottle of Inter Bio Argan Oil lasts you a long time and it is a great all-rounder.

Other benefits of the pure virgin oil
This InterBio Oil also aids your digestion as it increases the levels of pepsin in the gastric juice. It reduces cholesterol levels and helps to strengthen your body’s immune system. Argan Oil has an intense nutty flavor and aroma. In Marocco, local tribes love dipping bread into Argan Oil and they use it as a flavor enhancer for couscous. Bear in mind that you need to use culinary Argan Oil for internal usage.

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