Anti-Aging Essential Oils

Anti-Aging Essential Oils

We all age; it is just another part of life. Many people choose to embrace the changes in their appearance, but many would like to slow these changes down a bit. For those who would like more time being wrinkle-free, here are 10 essential oils that have anti-aging properties and benefits. This blog also comes with recipes for 3 DIY serums that we love!

10 Essential Oils to help in being wrinkle-free

Frankincense Oil: Over the centuries, frankincense oil has proven to be very valuable. In our century it has been a treasured anti-aging agent in many cosmetic products that double as anti-aging systems. But, for an all-natural approach, we recommend diluting frankincense essential oil in jojoba oil as a carrier and applying it to your whole face at night time. You will love the feeling, and you’ll see very good results!

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil: This is always a super good essential oil to have on hand, as you know if you’ve read other InterBio blogs. Lavender oil simply has wonderful relaxing effects on the skin and will always give your sin a boost. It actually slows down aging due to its amazing anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties. Lavender oil is really great when paired with pure shea butter as a carrier since the shea will give you a wonderful silky feeling. Try applying it at night or in the evenings to relax as well!

Grapeseed Oil: This essential oil works wonders when you want to see results quickly. It absorbs into your skin at a fast rate and leaves your skin feeling rejuvenated and invigorated. It is great for the lines around the neck and chest area. Some also use it on their hands for all-over body rejuvenation. You can use it as a carrier as well since it doubles as a carrier, and mix it with one of these essential oils for double duty anti-aging powers!

Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil: If you are not at the age when you have very noticeable lines on your face but want to keep it that way for a longer time, carrot seed essential oil is perfect for you. It is the best natural sunscreen since it has great UV protection. Sunscreen is always the best way to fight wrinkles, and we recommend always using natural products. So, for an organic and pure way to approach this, carrot seed oil is always the best. Use it diluted in a carrier such as sweet almond oil or argan oil. You’ll see wonderful results!

Rosehip Oil: For those fine lines in the corners of your eyes, rosehip oil will give you a wonderful result! It is known to regenerate skin cells quickly and efficiently and will make sure to keep good results coming. Since rosehip oil also doubles as a carrier, it is great when combined with geranium or lavender. It will give you double results!

Clary Sage Oil: This ancient essential oil has been used as a variety of treatments. In today’s day in age, it has been found to be a very good anti-aging ingredient in serums and salves. It is super good for toning the face, especially where dark-spots or age-spots have begun to develop. Use it as a morning routine serum diluted ina butter such as coconut oil or shea butter. You will love the results!

Sandalwood Oil: This is a great ingredient to have in your DIY serums and creams. It is great when fighting off fine lines and keeping your skin looking extra fresh all day. Plus it smells super good, so it doubles as a fragrance too! We recommend using sandalwood during the day as a moisturizer diluted in a carrier that absorbs quickly such as grapeseed oil.

Geranium Oil: This is another great essential oil for mature or maturing skin. It simply smooths over any blemishes and fine lines, and it creates a healthy glow all day. It smells magnificent and will always come in handy as a fragrance as well. Geranium oil is also very popular with many cosmetic companies due to its anti-aging benefits. Use geranium oil at night or in the evening and dilute it with jojoba oil or sesame seed oil.

Lemon Oil: To invigorate and revitalize your skin, use lemon oil for sure! It makes your skin look, feel, and smell great all day. It is a great essential oil to use when you have been a bit dehydrated lately since it will give your skin a healthy look, while nurturing it back to normal. Kiss those deep wrinkles goodbye!

 3 Anti-aging Blends

As promised, here, you will find 3 of our favorite anti-aging DIY recipes!

“All Over Again” Serum

2  drops of frankincense oil

4 drops of geranium oil

3 drops of lavender oil

3 drops of lemon oil

Add to 1 oz of carrier oil that suits skin type (can use half and half). If you’re not sure which is best, visit our blog “Carrier Oils: A Simple Guide”.

Use the serum once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. You will love the feeling of this blend on your skin, and you’ll love the results!


“Target” Serum

8 drops of grapefruit oil

5 drops of lavender oil

8 drops of rosehip oil

3 drops of frankincense oil

Add 10 ml of carrier oil that is good for your skin type and roll onto any troubled areas before sleep. This will give you good effects on the areas you apply it. It is like acne spot treatment, except for wrinkles! Try it for a week, and let us know how you feel and look after! We’d love to hear about your results!


“Rewind” Serum

5 drops of carrot seed oil

2 drops of rose oil

5 drops of ylang-ylang oil

5 drops of lavender oil

Add to 2 tbs of apricot oil as a carrier and apply the serum in the mornings. We recommend applying it after a steamy shower or washing your face with warm water. Your body will love this serum, and you will too!

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