4 Essential Oils That Boost Energy

4 Essential Oils That Boost Energy

All-natural essential oils can be used for many things and energy enhancements are one of those many uses. Natural oils can be used for emotional enhancement and as a booster. Some natural oils are even used to treat depression and anxiety (to see 7 ways of how essential oils can help your anxiety, check out our blogs). The benefits of using essential oils are endless and they always give amazing results no matter what you’re using them for.

We all need a boost sometimes

We all need an extra boost in the mornings, after work-afternoons and on those “got to finish my work” type of nights, and these essential oils could be an all-natural lifesaver. When I say all-natural, I mean you do not have to drink an energy drink or bar that contains way too much sugar and way too many calories. These Oils will give you that extra boost of energy you need, without being unhealthy or harmful to your body in anyway.

To get the best and most energizing results from these essential oils, you can use them for aromatherapy, in rollers or on your clothing. The scent is what gives the best results from these super strong oils. It might sound a little strange, but inhaling essential oils is also a very effective way of getting the relaxing properties from these oils. You can apply 1 or 2 drops of oil in your palms, bring cupped hands to your face and breathe in deeply. Immediately, the aroma enters the brain's emotion control center (amygdala) and it provides an amazing energizing effect. Drinking coffee isn’t the only way to stay awake, try these amazing oils:

4 essential oils that will boost you throughout the day

1. Orange Oil

Natural essential oils that are a part of the citrus category all have great energy boosting qualities due to their strong, fresh and crisp smell. The wonderful smell of Orange Oil will help you focus and it will help you feel more productive and awake. This super-oil will also help improve your mood greatly and will make it easier for you to push away depression or stress which usually cause sleepiness or fatigue. Try out this oil if you are prone to mood swings during the day or seem to feel super tired after small tasks.

2. Lemon Oil

 Similar too Orange Oil, this oil has a very strong, crisp and fresh aroma that wakes you up the instant you smell it. Lemon Oil will make you feel energized, awake and ready for any task that is in front of you at the moment. With this crisp oil, you will get a super energy boost and it is great to use in the morning if you are slow to wake up or simply need a little wakeup call after getting out of bed. Lemon Oil is a great alternative to coffee, if you are trying to go all-natural or are trying to say goodbye to the caffeine addiction. This all-natural oil is perfect for people who are slow in the morning (like me!).

Lavender Oil

3. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is a well-known, popular oil that is used in beauty related products and cosmetics, but it can also be used to get a super boost of energy. Lavender Oil is capable of slowing down the nervous system, which promotes relaxation. It calms down the mind and boy, increasing concentration and focus while also improving the mood. With its incredible smell, it will give you a nice boost of energy. This wonderfully sweet smelling oil is perfect for people who are a bit sensitive but still need something that will give them a boost of energy.

4. Grapefruit Oil

This oil is more than perfect for reducing mental fatigue, pushing aside stress or waking you up. With its incredible sparkling, crisp, tart, clarifying scent, it will not only wake you up and boost your energy, it will also help you put aside those negative feelings and go through the day feeling great. Grapefruit Oil has actually been clinically proven to be more effective than antidepressants and has been shown to normalize hormone levels. With this in mind, if you are looking for something that will wake you up when you're feeling a lack of energy but you also need something that will help you with stress or depression, grapefruit oil is the answer.

We all need a little something to wake us up in the morning and coffee is not always the best answer. There are many other natural ways that can help wake you up and boost your energy. Going all-natural is going smart and if you try these oils, you will see what incredible results they give.

Another amazing benefit or using these oils is that you will not only feel awake and full of energy, but they will also help your anxiety, depression, and stress on a major level. They are like an ‘all included package’. If you experience lack of energy, mood swings, trouble getting out of bed in the morning, laziness or constant sleepiness you should try out these all-natural oils and get your energy back up!


Here at Interbio we don’t only want to help you get the best possible natural essential oils, but we also want to help and advise you to use them to their full potential. Essential oils have such a vast variety of uses and we want to expand the ways that you can use these amazing natural wonders, so you can never run out of DIY projects. Our site is full of blogs and ideas where we talk about the incredible uses of all-natural essential oils and if you interested in purchasing or are already an essential oil-lover; do not hesitate to take a look at the amazing ideas we have for you. We want you to enjoy the complete potential of these oils and we hope that the information we provide, is helpful for you in some way oy another.

We want you to be happy, healthy and satisfied always!

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